When a Motorhome travelling lover decides to purchase his/her own vehicle to enjoy such passion, there is an important challenge to be solved: Where to park the vehicle safely for for those periods, fairly lengthy at times, when the motorhome is not in use. Due in most cases to the lack of parking in communial apartment buildings where space is mostly dedicated to private saloon type vehicle parkings bays.Even when space allows it , manouvering a large high vehicle such as a motorhome is normally fairly difficult due to limited access height. Thus, knowing the importnace of having an appropiate guarded safe parking area , we at Yakart offer our clients such a fully serviced facility for shor or long term parking so you as the motorhome owner need only be concerned about planning and enjoying your journeys knowing your motorhome can be ready to go at any time. Such services include: Overnight and long stay parking, as per your needs,Drinking potable water for your fresh water tanks,emptying bay for grey water and chemical Casette toilest, wifi, car wash, 24 hour security system conected to a central alarm facility, telephone contact,car rental, work shops and accessories shop. Our parking areas are also fully insured against fire and theft so your vehicle can be parked with us with total peace of mind on your part.. We offer such motorhome parking facilities at our distribution and sales locations in: A Coruña, Ferrol,Santiago, Lugo and Alicante