GENERAL MOTORHOME RENTAL CONDITIONS. Applicable since 01.09.2007. Dear client, the contracting part corresponds to the rental centre dealing with the reservation of motorhome or camper. The following rental conditions will be part of the contract between the parties. The rental center ( here on the Lessor) and yourself ( here on the Lessee). We request that you read the commercial rental conditions. YAKART´S GENERAL 


 1.1 The following rental conditions will be the only valid ones applicable. Any other conditions by the Lessee contrary to the Lessor´s will not be admitted.The Lessor´s conditions will be valid when the Lessee rents the motorhome without any reservations even when the Lessor is aware of the contrary conditions of the Lessee.

 1.2 The exclusive object of the contrat is the rental of the motorhome . The Lessee will not debit any or all of the travelling costs.

 1.3 The reservation will only be considered as firm once a 30% deposit has been paid. The Lessee will be responsible for the organizing of his own trip and will use the vehicle under his own responsability. The duration of the rental will be as per the contracted period. A tacit extension of the rental period will be permited when due to a continued use beyond the contracted period. 

1.4 Any agreements between the parties should be in writing only. 2.Minimum age of the authorized drivers. 

 2.1 The Lessee and each of the drivers should be at least 25 years old with a class B driving national license with at least two years driving experience. Non EU citizens should be in possesion of an International drivers license. 

2.2 Some of the vehicles available have a registered weight of over 3.5 tons, in such cases the Lessee should be in possesion of the appropiate driving license for the corresponding vehicle weight. Drivers with a class B license should check with the rental company the necessary driver´s license required for driving vehicles above 3.5 tons.

 2.3 If at the time of collection of the vehicle ,the Lessee is not in possesion of the apropiate driving license, the rental company will consider that the vehicle has not been collected, In which case, the cancellation conditions as per clause 4.2 , will be applicable. 

2.4 Only the Lessee and drivers named at the time of collection will be allowed to drive the vehicle. 

 3. Rental rates and duration of the rental period. 

 3.1 The rental rates will be those applicable at the time of the signing of the rental contract depending on the time or season of the year and the length of the rental period. 

 3.2 Applicable rental rates for accesories will be those quoted at the time of the rental contact.