Yakart Autocaravanas was founded in 2007 as a family run company, out of the firm conviction that the numbers of people who appreciated the freedom offered by Motorhome travel would continue to increase. In order to satisfy the demand for such vehicles and the experiences derived from that form of travel , we decided to contribute to the enjoyment by offering our clients all the comforts of a space that,at times, may be considered a home from home.

Our objective was thus ambitious , given that we strived to cover all the necessities of the then young incipient caravanning community. It was therefore fundamental to not only being up to date with all the novelties offered by the motorhome industry but also making a clear bet towards active listening to the requirements of our clients. Only then could be offer the best solutions making available the best products at affordable prices.

To achieve that end , we decided that our activity should not be limited to sales only but that it should also be extended to the rental of motorhomes and campers.We made the bold decision at a time when motorhome rental in Spain was not a popular formula. We initiated our rental activity at a low period in the caravanning market with just two motorhomes.Never theless, it was not long before our strong commitment to our clients started to bear fruit. Soon our firm compromise with and understanding of our clients requirements meant that demand soon made it imperative to increase the size of our comprehensive fleet to satisfy most requirements.

Presently, we cover all the various layouts and sizes included models of the highest ranges. All are supplied fully equipped, to include alarm and safety locks for increased security and peace of mind. Our rental vehicles are never more than two years old to ensure that our clients can enjoy the latest and most modern vehicles on the market, available by simply contacting any of our HQ centres in Coruña,Narón and Lugo in Galicia ,rental centres in Vigo and Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Llanes in Asturias or our associated rental centres in Vilagarcia de Arosa in Pontevedra and Ponferrada in Leon.We can also arrange collection of our rental motorhomes at airports in Galicia.

Going from strength to strength we have achieve a great number of services and facilities. Presently we can offer 2.000 square meters of showroom space for new motorhomes,more than 200 undercover parking bays and fifty external ones in Lugo,A Coruña,Narón and Santiago.

At Yakart we are the official distributors for more than a dozen of the leading European motorhome manufacturers to include: Carthago,Dethleffs,Rapido and Westfalia. Furthermore, we have appointed the exclusive distributors for Spain and Portugal for Concorde, one of the world´s most exclusive manufacturer of luxury motorhomes.

Our integral service extends to all of Spain, by offering an integral workshop network to facilitate our clients a comprehensive maintenance and repair facility for their vehicles.As prime associates of Autocaravanas McRent , the leading European motorhome rental network we can also offer our clients free assistance at any European city with a McRent base.

At Yakart we care in the extreme for our after sales service. We have very well stocked shops at our showrooms in Lugo, A Coruña and Narón where our clients can purchase all manners of accessories for their motorhomes as well as having them fitted by our specialist mechanics.

Our loyal client base entices us to continuously improve our services in order to offer the best possible advise on the purchase or rentals of our motorhomes by offering a personal approach adapted individually to each and everyone of our clients.

Yakart motorhomes is a very innovative family run company with a rapid expansion since being founded in 2009, covering all aspects of the caravanning world, associated to McRent, the largest motorhome rental group in Europe . We focus on the caring and understanding of all our clients requirements. We rent and sell both new and preloved used motorhomes, caravans and campers .